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as unique as you are

Molecular You is a platform for staying healthy. It helps you spot disease risks early and shows exactly what you can do about them.

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How it works

Get your health insights

See your Health Scores in over 26 areas from a single blood test, collected at one of our partner lab sites.See our blood test locations.

Reduce your risks

Learn precisely what diet, supplements & exercise advice will work for your unique body.

Dedicated support

Stay on track with 1-on-1 video sessions with a health coach. You can see improvements in your results after just 3 months.

Data privacy & security

Encryption and safeguards keep your data secure. We won't share any of your personal health data with third parties without your consent.

Remove the guesswork with precise, actionable insights

Go beyond generic health advice and discover exactly what works for you.

Your personalized action plan includes:

  • Diet recommendations
  • Supplement doses
  • Exercise routines
  • Dedicated health coaching
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Avoid chronic diseases you’re at risk of developing

Your unique health report shows you over 250 biomarkers, giving a complete overview of your health.

Over 26 health areas including:


“I received a very comprehensive picture of my own personal biomarkers, as well as a very deep understanding of how those biomarkers could indicate a certain health risk. I got reassurance that certain illnesses will probably not be an issue in my case, despite my family history.”

Loredana R.

Mississauga, ON.

“I find the info very interesting and I am amazed at the details that are in the results. Every time I review the report I see something new that I missed."

Shanti H.

Calgary, AB.

"I wanted to know exactly what’s wrong and how I can fix it. Your report was so informative!"

Elaine R.

Kitchener, ON.

"I liked learning about what each marker meant and what it could mean for my future. I was able to see things change when I changed behaviours."

Brett W.

Vancouver, BC.

In the media
In a world where pill stacks and surgeries create revolving doors within healthcare, Molecular You CEO, Rob Fraser, believes preventive solutions “are the answer to the unsustainable pressure on our healthcare system.”
Knowlton Thomas, Techcouver
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