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Assessing the performance of genome-wide association studies for predicting disease risk.

"Multi-omics is a much more accurate and reliable predictor of whether a patient will develop a disease in the future than genomics'

Value-based healthcare delivery through metabolomics-based personalized health platform

"Health risks associated with type 2 diabetes and associated diseases were reduced after 100 days of personalized lifestyle recommendations"

Emerging applications of metabolomics in drug discovery and precision medicine

"New techniques are making metabolomics increasingly useful for a wider range of biomedical and pharmaceutical applications"

November 20, 2022
How our early detection tool may help improve autism diagnosis
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November 20, 2022
7 hidden warning signs of pre-diabetes
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November 20, 2022
Gifting a DNA test this Xmas not as helpful as you think
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November 20, 2022
Molecular You expands offering to US market
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Press release
November 20, 2022
Study shows genes contribute only 5-10% to chance of developing disease
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Advisory board

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Dr. Helen Messier

Clinical Medical Advisor
Team member photo

Dr. Martin Dawes

Professor of Family Practice, UBC
Team member photo

Dr. David Huntsman

Professor of Pathology, UBC
Team member photo

Dr. Suzanne Lewis

Professor of Medical Genetics, UBC
Team member photo

Dr. Lawrence Cheng

Medical Director, Connect Health
Team member photo

Dr. Ashley Riskin

Clinical Director, Connect Health
Team member photo

Dr. Bruce McManus

Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
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